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"Indonesia My Heart"

by Team "Indonesia My Heart"


"Indonesia My Heart" is the original song written by Team "Indonesia My Heart", which composed of the Japanese people living in Indonesia. They dedicate this song to all friends in Indonesia with love and wish that the friendship may last forever. The song used Suling and Angklung (Indonesian traditional music instruments) and more than 20 people from both Japan and Indonesia joined the recording as chorus.

Japanese Lyrics: Team “Indonesia My Heart” 『インドネシア・マイハート』製作委員会

Indonesian Lyrics: Annetta Wijayanti, Andre Aditya Sonda

Music: Mucho ムーチョ (from Guitar Duo “KARINTO かりんとう”)

Arrange/Recording/Mixing/Mastering: Hisao Sasaki 佐々木久夫

Lead Vocal: Kaori MUKAI 向 香織

Guitar: Guitar Duo “KARINTO かりんとう” - Mucho ムーチョ (G.Gt. / Steel.Gt) & Iwachan イワチャン (A.Gt.)

Suling:  Hisao Sasaki 佐々木久夫

Angklung: Yukiko Funaki 船木 由紀子


*The Daily Jakarta Shimbun (​じゃかるた新聞) reported our Lyrics Videos as of Aug 12, 2019.

インドネシアへ「お返し」の歌 JJM小林さんら有志 感謝伝える手段に(2019年8月12日)

*Free Download*

Indonesia My Heart (karaoke)

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You can download Karaoke ver. of "Indonesia My Heart" with Lyrics & Score for FREE by clicking below "Download Single" button.

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